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Friday, 24 February 2017

Will moving to a reduced capacity help Spurs?


The performance last night in the Europa League draw with Gent showed that we can actually play at Wembley, perhaps we are getting more used to it.

There have been some suggesting we can't play on a large pitch but several pitches in the Premier League are as large as they are allowed to be. The new White Hart Lane will be a maximum size pitch, just like Manchester City where we usually perform well.

An interesting point is that clubs like West Ham United who move into a bigger stadium struggle with playing there. Is it the size, the pressure, are the opposition more motivated or a combination of factors.

Tottenham are moving into a bigger Wembley for a season, but then we are moving to a smaller stadium, we are moving from, we hope 90,000 to 61,000, so will we be able to cope with the downsizing better than others have coped with upsizing?

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  1. My worry is that every opposition team is coming to Wembley with incredible motivation, the same will happen next season and we will struggle to perform well for 18 Cup Finals because that is how the opposition will treat playing at Wembley.
    I do worry about next season and our ability to cope with such motivated opponents every other week.

  2. I seem to remember Arsenal having similar problems during their transition period.
    Basically we are going to play the whole of next season away from home.
    To be successful, as Borgie pointed out in a previous post there can be no more shoe-ins.
    There needs to be competition for those places where players don't always perform to their (supposed) potential.
    I appreciate that it's easy to point out the obvious but 2017/18 could turn out to be a disaster especially if Poch continues to operate with the chosen few.
    Let's be honest, the ratio of those players who have arrived (so far) during the Poch reign and have cemented their places to those that are (still) operating on the fringes is not encouraging and part of their failure to break through can be attributed to lack of playing time.
    Personally, given what's been achieved so far and, as long as we qualify for the Europa League this year I wouldn't be unduly disappointed.
    What concerns me more is that I don't see some of our 'key' players moving up a level and I'm talking specifically about those up front!!!

  3. White Hart Lane will have a much closer crowd to the pitch itself. I believe that's the main factor, rather than the size of the playing area per se.

    Moving stadium will certainly be a problem. Playing at Wembley each week will be much harder than at the current WHL. Eventually though, we'll come out the other side. We're much better equipped to go through that troubling period now than we were even a couple of seasons ago.



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