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Thursday, 23 February 2017

Why would Isco choose Spurs?


At the merest hint that Isco might leave Real Madrid our press go into overdrive and should clubs have been 'alerted' or some drama has taken place when in reality nothing has happened and nothing has changed.

Isco has always said he will make a decision over his future at the end of the season and part of the criteria of his decision will be the amount of minutes he gets to play and naturally, the matches he plays in. Does he play in the major matches, he'll want to know where he stands.

The press have been pushing Spurs as a destination, but they aren't looking at the issue through the eyes of Isco himself. Why would he come to Spurs? To be a part of a project and help develop a young team? He will only do that I would have thought is he feels we will be guaranteed UEFA Champions League football each season and if we can win trophies regularly.

He could get that at Chelsea, Manchester City, Juventus, Bayern Munich, PSG, even Manchester United still holds a pull because of their financial muscle and have a decent manager in Jose Mourinho. Barcelona have made noises that they would like him and they do ned to refresh their ageing midfield. To get him to come to Spurs is a real tough ask.

We have an exciting new stadium being built, but other clubs have big stadiums, he has played in huge stadiums, I don't see a stadium being a pull. It has been reported that Mauricio Pochettino spoke to him several times on the phone last summer, trying to convince him Spurs was a project he should join.

The Spanish international will be watching our progress no doubt so the fact we are in the top four is good news, we are still in the FA Cup, again good news, but we went out of the Champions League early which must surely count against us. Teams who drop out of the Champions League win the Europa League so we need to at least be making the final to raise our European profile further.

If we see ourselves as a big club and expect others to see us as a big club then we must be getting to finals and then winning trophies. The FA Cup and the Europa League are important to us this season. We need to show we can compete on more than one front, it's what big clubs do.

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