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Thursday, 23 February 2017

Wembley 23 March


It is pretty clear that Tottenham Hotspur will be playing all their home games at Wembley even though it hasn't been announced yet.

First there was an outside chance that the new stadium would be built ahead of schedule, it was an incredibly long shot though and never really a realistic option. Our filling of Wembley for the European fixtures has convinced the hierarchy that simply using the lower tiers would lose out on revenue. Clearly there is the support to fill more than the 51,000 seats.

In January Tottenham supported an application from Brent Council to increase the number of full capacity events at Wembley so Tottenham could use the whole stadium, which will of course, enable the club to increase the revenue generated.

Daniel Levy had previously suggested that Tottenham wouldn't make any more money by playing games at Wembley, but with the club filling the stadium perhaps those projections were wrong.

Tottenham have until the end of March to inform Wembley National Stadium Limited that we will be using the facility and will learn on 23 March whether we can use the full capacity. Confirmation looks a foregone conclusion.

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  1. Please find somewhere else for us next season than playing at Wembley!
    It just don't work for us

    1. I understand your position, but I suspect we'll learn how best to take advantage of that before too long.

      Hopefully we can turn it into a fortress that all teams will fear to approach.

  2. Well the once very happy hunting ground for us, as never losing a final there has turned into a very disappointing ground but like what you say Clive. The mental
    attitude has to change with the team & fans. We must go there next season thinking what a place to play , lets sweep all before us !
    I hope they offer us season tickets as i'm back in the queue ( let mine go when GG sold King David ) Only 45000 in front of me !

    Ps thanks for adding the spell check to the comments box Clive.



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