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Monday, 27 February 2017

Tom Carroll demonstrates why Pochettino sold him

Watching the Match of the Day highlights it was former Tottenham midfielder Tom Carroll who made the mistake for the first goal.

After some good hold up play by Fernando Llorente he laid the ball off to the diminutive Carroll who tried a piece of trickery that didn't work. He ended up on the floor and instead of racing back, he simply jogged back and was always behind the ball. Had he ran back he could have prevented Fabregas scoring but the desire and commitment were simply not there.

It is a prime example of a player having the skill but not the mental ability to go with it. He can play at Premier League level but is never going to be a regular part of a winning team with his go through the motions attitude.

The game is just as much about what you do off the ball as it is on it, indeed even more so.

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  1. He has just above average skill. I am just in awe that he has not only survived at a club in a position beyond towel boy. He is a complete joke. Always has been but being English and at Spurs somehow kept his name alive. I feel bad for Swansea . How could they buy him now. The already sent him back to us once. Some of the decision making by supposed scouts or managers is beyond shocking. He would never make a semi pro club not just in England but in San Marino

    1. bit harsh mate he was one of our own dont mug him off

    2. The game was lost by a poor ref decision on penalty and then a Fabianski mistake. Not a big fan of Caroll but seem to remember Siggy getting stick from Spurs fans a few years ago and look at him now.

  2. "How could they buy him now?"
    We already have you clown.

  3. While he's certainly made some mistakes, he seems to have added something very positive to what Swansea now have to offer.

    I love that players whom we discard can still make a name for themselves elsewhere in the Premiership. So many are top players at other clubs in our division.




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