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Friday, 3 February 2017

The press are regurgitating the old Harry Kane stories


Harry Kane won't be joining Manchester United

There can't be much news around as the press are regurgitating old stories or just throwing a new team at a story with the same content.

The Daily Star and Daily Express are running with Manchester United want to sign Harry Kane this summer but will be unsuccessful. These stories are hardly news are they, we have been hearing them for months. Jose Mourinho is a client of Jorge Mendes and as previously reported, Spurs will not deal with the super agent. That is yet another stumbling block to any deal.

Swedish international Zlatan Ibrahimović is 35, he'll be 36 in October so obviously, Jose Mourinho needs a long-term replacement. Harry Kane is a proven Premier League goalscorer, he won the Golden Boot last season, so naturally, Mourinho wants him at Old Trafford.

Daniel Levy was not happy about the way Dimitar Berbatov went to Manchester United so would be unwilling to strengthen a rival, even if he would consider selling to them. He has previously stated that he would rather sell players abroad than strengthen a rival.

Harry Kane continually states he is happy at Spurs and has no intention of leaving.


1 comment:

  1. It’s annoying but the press continues to run ‘make believe’ stories most of which are aimed at undermining the stability of our squad.
    Dele Alli is the latest and I suppose it’s a compliment that we have the quality of players in our squad that can support these outrageous fabrications.
    Until we start winning ‘stuff’ I don’t see that there will be any change…



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