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Thursday, 9 February 2017

Spanish football could have a drug problem


Drug taking seems to be rife in sport and there should be a zero tolerance policy where anyone caught cheating in this way is banned for life.Professional sportsmen, whether they like it or not, are in the public eye and are thus role models for children. This is part and parcel of their job and if they can't handle that then they should find another job.

The Premier League conducts rigorous testing, both after games and at random training sessions. They can call on a player when they wish to test them. Shockingly in Spain that currently isn't the case.

Spain is on the World Anti - Doping Agency (WADA) blacklist because they have not adjusted their drug testing to the latest regulations set out by WADA we are informed by El Confidencial.

The Spanish Agency for Health Protection in Sport (AEPSAD) laboratory in Madrid has been suspended as a result by WADA, world body FIFA and European body UEFA. It transpires that there has been no valid drug tests in LaLiga for over a year. The few tests that are done are sporadic and invalid anyway.

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  1. So, why then are they allowed to compete in European competitions? They are becoming a byword for breaking regulations. Top clubs banned from transfer dealings due to a level of irregularities that are all too regular. Let's not even go into some of the funding issues that have come up in recent years.

    I think it's fair to ask why it is that they are allowed to carry on competing in Europe without much sign of changes coming. How reliable is it that they have such a success rate if they aren't even on the same playing field as their opposition?

    All rather tawdry it seems to me.



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