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Sunday, 12 February 2017

Simple explanation for the defeat



Plenty are looking for excuses for the performance against Liverpool, wondering what went wrong, who was to blame.

The answer is perfectly simple. We saw it against Liverpool at White Hart Lane, we saw it against Bayer Leverkusen. The simple explanation is we struggle to handle a high press.

The teams that came to White Hart Lane earlier in the season were using a high press and it consistently gets us into difficulties. The same tactics that work for us on other teams, work for other teams against us. That shouldn't be a surprise.

We saw once again the problems on the left when there is no cover in front of a full-back. Ben Davies was exposed just as Danny Rose used to get exposed when Gareth Bale didn't defend and Christian Eriksen when he first arrived didn't do his defensive duties.

Just as then the problem wasn't all Danny Rose, so yesterday it wasn't all Ben Davies. We have seen earlier against top teams, notably Chelsea at Stamford Bridge that Eric Dier has a lot to learn as a centre-back and once again he was exploited.

A very difficult day at the office but at least we remain second.

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  1. Lack of controlled first touch led to both goals, first Wanfyama and then Deir. Simple

  2. We are too open, too attack minded, too high up the pitch against good opposition. We seem to think we can defend with only a couple of centre backs up near the half way line and the full backs nowhere to be seen. We need to learn to frustrate teams and win ugly.

  3. I believe the loss of both Vertonghen and Rose together on the same side hurt us. Yes, the high press is something we struggle to handle, but I believe a settled and first-choice side would have handled it better than the two understudies on the day.

    That's not to say they did a bad job. Let's face it, Liverpool were very good on the day. A bad day at the office as you say. Not a disaster. We're still improving generally the more we play together as a team and under Poch.

    Onwards and upwards. COYS!!

  4. First half
    Well, simply not up to the pace…not winning the 50/50’s & giving the ball away under pressure…but this is how L’pool generally play isn’t it and didn’t Mané present us with similar problems at the Lane?
    I repeat, there are games where Eriksen should not be starting.
    Mon avis..take Eriksen off & bring on Wimmer and go 3-5-3 which allows Davies to push Mané onto the defensive and just maybe Walker can start to pressure the old-timer at left back?
    Second Half
    Well as you can see, playing one up front in a 4-2-3-1 is a complete waste of time especially against a team which is prepared to press. Kane needs to feed off a partner. On his own, his ability to disrupt and/or influence the game is drastically reduced (and that’s being polite). I would have thought the lesson had been learned by now.
    Après Ski
    From a game-changing perspective the subs were sterile, reactive rather than proactive.
    Some tired minds & legs out there, especially the two players who have played more minutes than anyone else (apart from the run-about a lot Dane).
    Basically Poch your team selection and set-up failed to present a challenge. Maybe when you talk about the importance of squad rotation you should heed your own advice?
    Let’s forget about winning the EPL (at least for the moment) and focus on building momentum through squad efficiency.



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