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Thursday, 9 February 2017

Pochettino was always a long-term project


Mauricio Pochettino has confirmed that when he was appointed head coach at Tottenham Hotspur that the future was a long-term vision and that Pochettino was envisaged staying at Tottenham to mastermind our transformation.

"I want to play for Tottenham, want to manage Tottenham, because Tottenham for me is a big club with a big history, big fans but in the very short future will be one of the best teams about with these facilities, this new stadium. 
"The important thing is that Tottenham want to give me the chance to manage here for a long time. That is the most important thing and sets the principle when you arrive here as manager, coach, player, you feel the responsibility is to work, achieve big things. It’s not enough to be in the top four, five or six, to play in the Europa League."

We conducted extensive research on the Argentinian because this was a vital appointment, it was an appointment that had to be right with time running out. The new stadium was on the horizon so the club couldn't afford to get the appointment wrong and have to change the squad again.

Pochettino had time to evolve the squad in the way that he saw fit and that was in line with the club strategy. We have seen the results since with our emphasis on youth, youth that will take us through the building of the stadium and beyond without breaking the bank.

Sir Alex Ferguson was given time to build something at Manchester United and Arsene Wenger had time to build something at Arsenal and David Moyes was given the time to develop Everton, now Mauricio Pochettino has the opportunity to do the same at Spurs.

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  1. That's always been the way I saw it. Clubs always seem to punch above their weight with a long-term manager, and with that a long-term vision.


  2. I dearly hope you are right and Levy gives Poch time. I think it is a bit of a stretch to see his appointment as a Levy masterstroke, given how quickly he gave the elbow to the previous ten managers he appointed, often only a few games into a new season. (Presumably we conducted extensive research on them too?) And, if I recall correctly, Poch was very much Levy's second choice this time around. All of which is only to say that Levy lucked out big time when he eventually stumbled on Poch; I hope he has learned some lessons from the past and gives him time, even when we have a bit of a blip. (Einstein's definition of insanity, and all that.)

  3. TBH if Levy got rid of MP then I think everyone would have a very hard time defending him. He hasn't yet, and frankly I doubt he will.

    It may be that he got lucky with this one, but he was never stupid as far as I can see. He won't let him get away without a mighty struggle even assuming MP weren't happy in his position managing a big club with the support of the board firmly behind him.




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