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Monday, 13 February 2017

Pochettino and his analysis staff must learn from this


Teams turn in bad performances and folk say it was a bad day at the office, these things happen when the real reason a side has a bad day is overlooked.

Little credit is ever given to the opposition. It isn't simply players having an off day. Football these day is very coach/manager orientated. The manager instructs his team how he wants them to play and the players simply play a system, most of what happens comes from the training ground.

Performances like the one we saw from Spurs at the weekend are a failure of a team to deal with an oppositions tactics. Credit has to go to the opposition manager and his staff for studying where our weaknesses are and exploiting them ruthlessly.

Questions have to be asked of our own analysis staff and of Mauricio Pochettino. Did we come up with a game plan to beat their high press? Presumably we did, but couldn't execute it. Did we work out how they would attack our weaknesses and have plans in place to counter that? It would appear not because in the first half we simply didn't know what to do and could well have been five down if Liverpool had been clinical.

Just as players have to learn from disappointments, so managers and even analysis staff must learn from poor performances. We consistently struggle from a high press. The players seem to get mentally flustered and their problems surface. Dier as a centre-back again and a lack of cover on our left-hand side.

AS the players have to constantly try to improve, so must all staff, whatever role they are in.

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  1. We played our best when we were using a 3-4-3 formation. Seems with Vertongen injured Wimmer is not trusted to fill this role. Liverpool struggle when teams go there and defend deep and then rely on fast breakaways. Players with pace like Sissoko et al. We have Walker and Rose when fit in that role. The title dream is over.



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