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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

NBC 45 minute Spurs special to boost our profile

For those of you with a bit of time on your hands, American broadcaster NBC have made a 45 minute programme about Tottenham Hotspur.

It is just another example of how our American NFL tie-up will help us in our efforts to become the number one supported club in North America. Already we have more supporters clubs than any other Premier League team, we have tie ups with amateur clubs and grass roots football, we have coaching programmes and programmes to teach coaches. We have always been a club that tries to help the grass roots of the game there whenever we visit, unlike some financially bigger clubs who prefer to fly in, take the money and fly out again.

Once we are in the stadium the interest will continue to grow and the sports networks will have a news story to focus on, one that will help to raise our profile. Getting into the homes of Americans on their TV sets is crucial to marketing the club over there, something the 10-year NFL tie-up will achieve.

No doubt their will be a London-based franchise playing their home game at Tottenham Hotspur before that 10-year deal runs out. The first few years are to test the water and see if the local support is there. NFL marketing suggests it is growing and will be at a sustainable level in a few years.

The next 10 years should be very interesting both on and off the field.

You can watch the NBC programme at the Official Spurs Website.

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