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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Lloris reveals why mew signings struggle at Spurs

Hugo Lloris told NBC that at first we didn't understand why he worked us so hard but after 3 or 4 months we felt the difference. That gives an insight as to why new purchases struggle at Spurs.

Why it takes new arrivals time to adjust to the Tottenham way and why if you arrive at the end of a transfer window you are behind everyone else in terms of fitness which will make your selection for the side that much harder.

When you do get a chance you are then having to handle a lack of fitness, a lack of playing with the group of players and this combines to make it even more difficult to produce the performances you have been brought for and that the fans expect to see immediately.

Moussa Sissoko has suffered from it, Georges-Kevin N'Koudou has suffered from it. Federico Fazio took time to make his debut. It affects different players in a different way but fitness is vital to our performances.

Against Manchester City earlier in the season when we totally outplayed them and won at White Hart Lane we ran 5.7 miles more than they did. That gives some indication of the level of fitness the players need. Judging a player who has missed pre-season is difficult but it is something Mauricio Pochettino has to do before the summer to decide on the make-up of the squad next season.

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  1. That is why the players should never get ahead of themselves. They are excellent players but it's the system, the fitness and the teamwork that is making them look world beaters when they're all on their game. They are also dependent on Poch and each other. Against Liverpool and Gent away, spurs tried to 'stroll it' and came unstuck badly. But when we do have the odd game like that, where one or three poor performances affect the entire team, it's a shame we don't have the individual game changer with flair that Spurs were always famous for ...Hoddle, Gazza, Bale, Ginola, Sheringham ..or even Ricky Villa. Many of these greats may not have fitted into the Spurs system under Poch, right now, but they could sure have altered the outcome of some games where we didn't show up as that 'fitness/pressing' push and move team. If plan A and B is 3, or 4, at the back ..then plan C should be Sissoko or Jannsen or Nkoudou coming on and changing a game that's going wrong. Sadly, it ain't the case.

    1. For real???
      Game changer & future Best Player in Tottenham's history - Harry Kane (no 3 season wonder!)

  2. I don't know about not having game changers. Kane and Alli while they drift in and out, are most certainly game changers. Regular goals from nothing/against the run of play = game changers to me.



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