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Thursday, 2 February 2017

Lamela not going to play in Argentina next season



There are some strange rumours that go around and you wonder where they originate from. If someone types something on Twitter there is a whole crowd who will fall for it, then there are journalists who simply make up stories.

A rumour has been doing the rounds that Erik Lamela will be returning to play in Argentina next season for family reasons. The newspapers have picked it up and run with it, which in the eyes of many gives it credence.

I can only say I have heard nothing to suggest there is any truth in it, I have heard that he will not be playing in Argentina next season.

The Argentinian has been unavailable since the League Cup tie in October at Anfield, travelled home to Argentina for family reasons and travelled to Rome to try and recover from his mysterious hip injury. We have missed his creativity at times. When he drifts into the middle he can see and play some wonderful through balls and was getting in the box scoring himself.

Now we seem to be back to square one.


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