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Friday, 17 February 2017

Is Sissoko criticising Pochettino

Listening to the commentary last night former players were reading between the lines of previous Pochettino quotes about summer signing Moussa Sissoko. They were suggesting that the Argentinian had not been impressed with the attitude of the Frenchman, nor the effort he was putting in on the training field.

One has to ask if he is one of these players who feel he has a divine right to a place in a side, much the same as fellow Frenchman Etienne Capoue who was shunted out of White Hart Lane and recently admitted it was his attitude that was wrong.

Sissoko gave his explanation for Spurs poor form recently to ESPN FC.

“Everyone knows how we play and they try to give 100 percent against Tottenham. Every team we play has a different style but we have a philosophy of how to play, and we try to do the same philosophy every game. Sometimes it’s working, sometimes it is a little bit harder. 
“We still keep going in that way because that is how we work and how we did well in the past. It’s just a bad moment, but we will come back stronger.”

That, to me, smacks of a player that has not bought into the Pochettino philosophy, it sounds like Younes Kaboul, another player who thought he knew better and disagreed with the managers tactics. He seems to be complaining we play the same way, just as every successful team generally does.



  1. Shame we have to wait until the summer to get rid of him

  2. Your article and comment is nonsense. Have you read what he's said. There is not a word of criticism in anything he is saying. If you don't like a player or a person just be honest and say so. Otherwise deal in the facts not intentional twisted interpretation. Like every player he wants to succeed, by all accounts he is working as hard as the manager wants in training regardless of the minutes he's getting. And if you have watched the time he's been in action he's actually made a fair contribution in chances created and 4 assists. He's far from a complete success, but in fairness you'd be more justified in expecting more from Eriksen who's had ample time in the team, is played consistently and still flatters to deceive.



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