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Monday, 20 February 2017

Frenchman doesn't fit Spurs transfer profile


In much the same way that the agent of 29-year-old Italian central defender Andrea Ranocchia offered his client to Spurs and other Premier League clubs so Atletico Madrid are offering a player they don't want as well.

The player in question is 29-year-old (30 in May) Kevin Gameiro who clearly does not fit our transfer strategy. That doesn't stop some then misinterpreting the story to say he is a Tottenham target. Nowhere in the Daily Mirror article does it say he is a Tottenham target, merely that a professional writer thinks it might be a good idea.

One one hand they say the French striker is top class and yet he can't get in the Atletico side, another says he is ideal for Spurs.

He is a 15 goal a season striker. Since 2011/12 he has scored 11 goals, 8 goals, 15 goals, 8 goals and 16 goals in the league (French and Spanish) each season.

He is too expensive at figures around £30 million for a player who will be 30 next season.

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1 comment:

  1. I was expecting to see a blog about this. It exactly matches my thoughts on the matter. It doesn't make much sense for us to go for him.



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