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Monday, 6 February 2017

Divided Arsenal, something we know all about at Spurs

Tottenham legend Garth Crooks is a former striker. He formed a great partnership with Steve Archibald and lifted trophies for us, two FA Cups, and the 1984 UEFA Cup against Anderlecht. Now he is a pundit for the BBC and he feels that it is time for Arsene Wenger to take a break.

"No referee who wanted to keep his credibility would have given a free-kick. Besides, it was a brilliant challenge by Alonso and an excellently taken goal. 
"I have an enormous regard for Wenger and his achievements but when you start squaring up to fellow managers and pushing officials you really have to consider whether a break from the profession might be the healthy option. 
"I also sense restlessness among the fans and it would be a great pity if Wenger was forced out instead of given a dignified exit. There’s a lot to be said when an individual can identify the time to move on."

As a Spurs fan I'm happy to see him there, he has done an awful lot for their club, but they now appear to be stagnating, which is great news for us. He divides opinion among Arsenal fans, something we know all about at Tottenham.

The problem with change is, who do you change for? Manchester United have fallen to pieces since Sir Alex Ferguson left, although Jose Mourinho is now sorting them out. Liverpool have only challenged the top four for one season in eight. The grass is not always greener on the other side.

It is the same with fans who complain about Daniel Levy and ENIC. The only people who buy football clubs now are investment groups, not people who are just going to lump their money in, although that is now against Financial Fair Play rules unless it is for infrastructure and then it has to be loans.

Tottenham are moving forward and Levy's demand for the best from everyone is now being seen in the right light. Mauricio Pochettino has proved you don't need to spend fortunes to get into the top four and challenge for trophies. Perhaos a few more fans are now appreciating that setting demanding standards is the way to improve a club rather than just throwing money at a problem.

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  1. the problem is of course like with every club: genuine supporters v. bandwagon jumpers who know nothing about the game

    i would like to think we are a class above those arse fan tv clowns screaming for the head of a manager who has consistently delivered for them...and are too stupid to see there is no-one better out there

    but i suppose if we were in the same position.....our constant moaning "levy / ENIC out" morons who can`t see right in front of their noses that we are one of the best run clubs in the country, would be their equivalent

    maybe it`s not moron supporters but symptomatic of the modern game where if you lose 2 matches the supporters and media are shouting "club in crisis"...if you win the next 2 you are potential champions!!

  2. I so agree. How many supporters of other clubs out there would give their right arms for the problems we're having with Levy/ENIC? That said, many of them would also give much to be in the Arse's position too, with a manager of such distinguished pedigree and a long history of performing at such a high level.

    I must say I hope they get exactly what they wish for. Some rudderless competition down the road might make a pleasant change for a while ;-)




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