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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Common knowledge Bentaleb was never returning to Spurs


There has been a lot of misreporting over Nabil Bentaleb with website after website not understanding the deal Spurs had struck with Schalke, a deal that was the same as that of Lewis Holtby when he moved to Hamburg.

We usually loan a player out with an automatic purchase clause when they hit a certain number of games and that was the case with Holtby and now Bentaleb. Quite why people were suggesting we might get Bentaleb back because he might decide he doesn't want to be with a side who fail to qualify fir the UEFA Champions League is beyond me.

He never had a choice. It was known that there was a permanent option to be triggered after a set number of games from the very start.

Only the number of games wasn't known and now it has been revealed it is 20 Bundesliga games, the 22-year-old (23 in November) Algerian midfielder has so far played in 19 for Schalke.

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1 comment:

  1. That's as maybe Clive but a player of his ilk would be welcome at the moment, if only to give Wanyama a break.
    Dier is also need a of a similar restorative.
    It's ok to push players to their physical limit but the equation needs to include a timeout.



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