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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Caulker fine shows Spurs were right to sell

Former Tottenham Hotspur central defender Steven Caulker, currently on loan at Lokomotiv Moscow from QPR, has appeared in court for being drunk and disorderly at Clapham Junction railway station on January 16th. After pleading guilty he was fined £650 and ordered to pay £85 costs.

This just demonstrates that it takes more than skill to become and maintain being a top footballer, just ask David Bentley who ruined his career through his off the field antics.

Caulker looked as if he had a promising career, he was even selected for England at one stage and highly thought of by Spurs fans. However fans don't see what happens off the pitch, fans generally don't see mentality, unless they know what they are looking for.

If you are a true top professional, you don't go out drinking. It is the culture in this country, but if you want to be a top footballer then you have to forego what your mates are doing and look after the temple that is your body.

Mauricio Pochettino demands players try to improve every day, not occasionally, but every day. It is the only way winners are made. If you can't do that then there is a flaw in your make-up and there will be someone else to take your place.

Clearly there is a flaw in the make-up of Caulker so we were perhaps right to sell him when we did, although it was he who demanded to leave so he could play regularly.

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  1. The blog makes no claim it was Poch who sold him. It simply points out that WE were right to sell him and that it is consistent with Poch frequently explains about where we're going and how we can get there. Not with personalities of the type that SC displays.




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