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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

At least 3 Premier League clubs scouting striker Mbappe


We are being linked with plenty of strikers as Vincent Janssen is clearly not trusted by Mauricio Pochettino. What can he be expected to achieve in 8 minutes?

One such striker is 18-year-old (19 in December) Kylian Mbappe, who the Daily Mirror tells us is a sensation. He has scored 7 goals and has 6 assists from 17 Ligue 1 games, although only 697 minutes, less than 7 full games. Certainly he has promise.

Arsene Wender is following him, as is Jurgen Klopp and the Arsenal feels he has the qualities of another Frenchman, Thierry Henry, as he told the Ligue 1 show.

“The potential is similar, after that if he has the same level of motivation, desire and intelligence that Thierry has, and the next two to three years will tell us that, then he can be very promising. 
“The guys that have super talent are already playing at 18. Those who are not playing at 18 or 19 do not have that exceptional talent and he does play over here at the top level. 
"He is a guy who is electric like Thierry was, can dribble, can pass and is efficient. 
“We follow him, we know him very well, and he is developing well. He extended his contract with Monaco last season and so it’s Monaco who is going to decide his future. He could be another Thierry Henry."

The key in those words is 'if he has the same level of motivation, desire and intelligence.' Without those you won't rise to become the best you can be, you won't become another Dele Alli. Everyone's drive is different, the key to finding superstar players is finding those with the real motivation.

If we want to improve the success rate of our transfer dealings, then we should be honing our skills in that department and becoming world leaders in assessing player mentality and that means a sports psychologist being involved. I have called for it before and nothing has changed to show any different.

We need the right mentality of player, not hope those without the right mentality will develop it, that road is fraught with danger and under achievement. The fact that we have failures with purchases shows there is room for improvement within our analysis department.

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