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Thursday, 2 February 2017

20 draws from 60 games is too many

Spurs have drawn 20 of our last 60 Premier League games, 33%

Tottenham have drawn 33% of their last 60 Premier League games, more than any other side. A look at the current Premier League table see Chelsea having drawn 2 games, Tottenham Hotspur having drawn 8 games, Arsenal having drawn 5 games, Liverpool having drawn 7 games, Manchester City having drawn 4 games and Manchester United having drawn 9 games.

Once again we are right up there in the draw charts, Chelsea have won 5 more games than us this season. Our draws and their wins have created the gap we currently have, which is probably too big to bridge at this stage of the season. It would take some loss of form from the Stamford Bridge outfit for us to overhaul them, given that we will also drop points before the season has finished.

Some fans are calling for the signing of a striker, but the damage has already been done. We bought a striker in the summer, the first choice striker for the Dutch national side and he hasn't hit the ground running, in fact he is still to score from open play.

We couldn't find a way past Sunderland and their packed defence so racked up another draw when we really needed to be winning. Other results have made our result more palatable but if we want to win things we should be beating a team bottom of the league.

We are a very good side, but we still have a way to go yet.



  1. Just one comment, you say we've drawn more than other club, but the stats you list show that ManU have drawn more (8 vs. 9)

    1. That stat only relates to this season so far, the stat that is so damaging is the 33%. That's the 20 games drawn from our last 60 games, which is way way too high. This is the reason we're not winning anything.

  2. Yep, there are still issues to be solved up front and Tuesday's performance was atypical of those.
    Our conversion rate has improved but we have yet to better the EPL average of 33%.
    It's not enough to make the excuse that we face teams who are content to sit back and defend.
    We have to improve the speed and quality of transition and if that means giving away possession at times so be it.
    As we saw on Tuesday night possession means nothing unless accompanied by goals.

  3. We may have drawn 20 of our last 60 PL games BUT have won 33 & only lost 7. If we keep this average going we will achieve our highest points total for a season - 75-76 pts! So not so bad.



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