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Sunday, 29 January 2017

Yarmolenko interest again?


Are Spurs interested in Yarmolenko again?

Buying anyone to fill a gap during the January transfer window is not an option for Spurs, for many clubs. We know the players we would like to buy and for what price we would like to buy them.

That does not mean they are available though and clubs usually reject any bids in January, waiting for higher bids that don't come. Buying clubs simply wait until the end of a window when any pressure the clubs may be under to raise funds or for any other reason, is at it's greatest. Players who were previously unavailable can become available.

Mauricio Pochettino has told the press Tottenham will not be buying anyone unless a special player becomes available. You can expect us to make bids or inquiries for any player we feel, or hear through the agent grapevine, might be available.

We have been strongly linked in the past to Ukranian winger Andriy Mykolayovych Yarmolenko. The 27-year-old (28 in October) Dynamo Kiev winger is a player we have followed but his wage demands prevent us making a move for him.

It is reported he wants £100,000-a-week. You don't splash those sort of wages on a player unless they are a proven talent in a top tier league. Yarmolenko isn't, he plays in a poor Ukranian league and his fellow 'star' Ukranian winger Yevhen Konoplyanka has been a complete flop in Spain, so much so that Sevilla loaned him out to Schalke after just a season. he has scored one Bundesliga goal and has one assist in the 501 minutes he has been given.

The hyped up Konoplyanka is a prime example of a player coming from a lower league, as is Memphis Depay, both experienced players, as opposed to our own Vincent Janssen with only a year under his belt.

While there may be speculation over Yarmolenko, transfers from there are few and far between. His age and wages don't fit with our transfer strategy at all, he would need to be on half the suggested wages until he had proven himself at the club so it isn't a transfer I see happening on the terms suggested.



  1. What nonsense, Konoplyanka is a class player and would be great at Spurs.

    1. Flopped in Spain and isn't being picked in Germany either. His move was more for his pocket than for football. He wanted a signing on fee and agreed to play for several clubs. Chose the one who gave him the biggest lump sum, totally the wrong mentality for us.

  2. And you base that on what that he is a so called class act. He is what the writer says a player playing well in a poor league. If he were class do you not think RM or Barcelona or the likes would have signed him.



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