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Saturday, 21 January 2017

Xavi: Alli is very special

Xavi: Alli is very special

The English press do like to over hype a player but every pundit sings the praises of Dele Alli, each thinking he is a superstar in the making and perhaps the best English player of his generation in the same way Paul Gasgoigne was.

Barcelona legend Xav has also taken note and spoke to the Daily Mirror recently about our talented 20-year-old.
"There are some very promising young English midfield players - and there is no doubt he is very special. He is very talented, very technical. I can understand why The Tottenham fans are hoping he is the next Paul Gascoigne. 
“For me, Gascoigne was an inspiration when I was developing, one of the best midfield players I have ever seen. It is important not to put pressure on Dele with these comparisons - but I can see why fans are excited. 
“For him to be at the very top level, he needs to consistently play well and put in big performances against the big clubs both in England in Europe. He has the capabilities to be able to do just that.”

He performed against Chelsea, he played his part against WBA, he has been knocking in the goals before then and now it is the time to step up once more and put in a performance against Manchester City that makes the difference between the two sides.


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