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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Weinzierl better than Pochettino because of Bentaleb!


In my travels around the Internet I bump into some strange comments, such as those from grimes Ria who uses one player, Nabil Bentaleb, as proof to determine that Schalke 04 coach Markus Weinzierl is a better coach than Mauricio Pochettino.

Perhaps there is a lack of understanding that Bentaleb, while starting well, had a bad attitude, was at loggerheads with the club over the inflated wages he wanted and asked to leave when he found he wasn't an automatic first choice.

He was loaned to Schalke with a view to buying and started very poorly, before picking up and now regressing again. Sadly the poster is yet another who believes a player has to be given game time to be given a chance, something Bentaleb actually was given. You have to produce on the training ground, that is where a team is selected, prove yourself there and you'll play, don't and you won't, simple.

Quite how they determine Pochettino is arrogant and unfair, another of their comments, is unclear and quite frankly, unfathomable. he seems quite the opposite. It rather shows how a hatred of someone can cloud judgement and forget facts that don't support a theory.

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  1. I've never rated Bentaleb, even at the height of his inflated Sherwood days. While he was reasonable on defense, he often passed sideways or backwards and didn't look for the threaded ball. He also would play blind passes to the opposition. It wasn't until Poch took over that I really noticed how haughty he was on and off the pitch, and that's when he was a 1st choice mid.

    If there's any reason that a lot of Tottenham's rejects have improved elsewhere, it probably has more to do with having to reform oneself after being told "you aren't good enough."

  2. As a long time supporter of Bentaleb I would like to point out that he was thrown into the Ist team at the age of 19!
    He's had one full season with us only!
    I don't, however, agree with his attitude which is more likely the reason for the split with Poch.



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