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Saturday, 14 January 2017

Walker and Rose showing Spurs loyalty


They are an envied pair of full-backs Kyle Walker and Danny Rose, other clubs would love them and the two Manchester clubs have been linked by the press but there is nothing in the stories.

Kyle Walker says it is horrible to play against Danny Rose in training.
"He's horrible to play against, I can't stand it. He's always around you, he does not give you a moment's rest."
Danny Rose also talked about training to Sky and briefly described how the pair push each other on, he Rose, trying to match Walker and Walker no doubt doing the same. It's a healthy rivalry to have.
"It still carries on today. The gaffer never puts us on the same side in training but it's good for me. He's bigger than me, stronger than me, I have to think outside the box to stop him. 
"For me he's the best full-back in the league. I don't tell him this but [for games] I think, 'I've got to do better than Walks'. I look at what he's done - how many crosses he's put in, how many sprints he's made and try to match him."
You listen to them both and they are great mates who both want to stay at Tottenham. Danny Rose said hopefully he will still be here in 2021 and Kyle Walker would like to return to Sheffield United at the end of his career to help them as they showed great faith in him at the start of his career.

That to me suggest these two have that rare commodity today in football, loyalty. It helps that you are working under a great coach with a brand new stadium on the horizon and a young bunch of mates who all get along.


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