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Sunday, 22 January 2017

VIDEO: First Half, Second Half and Highlights


If like me you didn't get to see the game this week or if you want to see it again, perhaps you were there and want to see the televised version, then the following links are for you.

First Half
Second Half
BBC Match of the Day Highlights and Extended Highlights

The result keeps us second for the moment, Manchester City didn't gain any ground, Liverpool lost, which leaves Arsenal able to go above us if the win today. Chelsea look as if they are going to open up a bigger gap ahead of their next clash with Liverpool at Anfield.

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  1. Gritty performance… to draw from 2 down to a Guardiola side I think deserves the plaudits.
    It’s easy to point the finger at Hugo but for their second goal I will!!!
    I could just as easily point the finger at HK who, except for one moment, was non-existent throughout the match!!!
    Mousa there are times when you should release the ball, especially when you’ve attracted the attention of 2 maybe 3 players…just cos KW fails to dispossess you doesn’t mean other players can’t!!!
    Winksy… a breathe of fresh air..keep it going (forward)…
    I’m sure that the pundits & headlines will say how lucky we were to escape with a point but don’t take it to heart guys…it’s only the goals that count and not the twisted & bitter meanderings of some hack or ex-player who has been bunged by the opposition!
    p.s. CE you did a much better job of defending today…

  2. I think Loris will be criticised for the first but it seems to me he was very able and intelligent. He headed it wide, to an area that was of no possible danger. It wasn't his fault that the attacker had his arm out and blocked the ball with his hand. Nor that the ref either didn't see it or somehow managed to interpret that as not an offense, like the pundits who still, after all this time, seem to fail to understand what it takes to deem such contact an offense.

    Not that I'm complaining about the ref. He missed a bunch of fouls on Danny Rose and managed to see two of ours into the book for very slight offenses, but he also missed KW's push on Stirling. not to mention when Wanyama was pulled to the floor to set up their second. Overall though, even though they were quite profligate in front of goal and so didn't deserve as much as everyone were saying, they did play a lot of good strong football and did deserve at least the point they got in my view.

    Didn't our boys do well to come back from that to earn the point though. Well impressed.




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