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Thursday, 19 January 2017

Tottenham the best team in the world

Pochettino could be here for 20 years

It has been clear from day one to anyone with an open mind that Daniel Levy had found his man when he brought in Mauricio Pochettino.

With a new stadium to be built, the club simply could not afford to have a manager they would be replacing in a couple of years time, the transfer funds to change a squad to a new coaches image, simply wouldn't be there.

We had a project to build a young squad and needed a manager to carry it through. Having looked into Pochettino at the time of his signing it was apparent to me that we had chosen the right man, even though at the time, like many, I had plumped for Frank de Boer.

His work in the first season with our strategy in mind was excellent, he had assessed the squad, decided which players had to go whether they wanted to leave or not and set about improving what we had with some additions.

From there it has been improvement upon improvement and the club is in a far healthier position to challenge for honours since our League Cup win in 2008. Pochettino is enjoying life in England, enjoying life at Tottenham and suggests he could still be here in 20 years time.

“I am very happy. It’s true that we are me and my staff are very well here. It was fantastic after a good and not so good experience in Spain as a coach. 
“We’ve fit in fantastically since day one in England. It’s true that it’s only four years (since I arrived from Southampton) but we maybe could be here for 20 years. 
“Why not? I’m not a person thinking 10 years ahead. I try to focus on today and try to work for tomorrow to be better. With that philosophy I’ve spent four years here and it would be fantastic to spend more time. 
“We [Spurs] are ambitions and want to win every game. If we go backwards for a season from what we were, that would be 1000 miles. Football is about belief, faith and working hard. 
“In two-and-a-half years (we have met) our expectations. Not to push and move the club quick - sometimes that is not possible. But it relates to excitement around Tottenham. The new stadium, the team. 
“Today it looks like we’re the best team in the world. That is very good. The aim is to keep that feeling.”

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