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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Tom Carroll leaving Spurs



Tom Carroll asn't in the matchday squad for the FA Cup tie against Aston Villa whereas he played in both games in the League Cup.

The is talk that Swansea City and Tottenham are close to a deal after we asked for £10 million for him, a valuation they were not prepared to meet, quite rightly probably. Their opening gambit was £5 million so we can assume a figure somewhere in between, although probably £5 million with a few add-ons, such as a set amount if they avoid relegation.

When Christian Eriksen joined us Carroll refused to go to Ajax on loan, now he is unsure whether he wants to get into a relegation fight and be relegated. Does he actually want to play football or not? He keeps displaying totally the wrong attitude to succeed and shies away from challenges, winners want challenges.

It is quite simple, you negotiate a release clause out of the contract if the club is relegated. Your agent and the club agree a set fee you can leave for, job done, simple, no worries whether the club ie relegated or not. It is the same sort of deal Steven Caulker had at Cardiff City or Andros Townsend had at Newcastle United.


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