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Sunday, 8 January 2017

The New Stadium



The last I heard was via stories from several builders and people the construction workers had come into contact with, that the new stadium was 6 weeks ahead of schedule. The recent news on LinkedIn from Gary Taylor, Director at that the project is now 3 months ahead of schedule is perhaps not as far fetched as the claim Spurs could be in the new ground next season would suggest.

His claim that Spurs have a secret plan to get into the new stadium next season isn't as daft as some sections make out, if fact it makes perfect sense. Just as a club tries to win the Premier League why can't they try to win a construction race? It may not be feasible, but unless you are going to cut on quality there is no harm in trying is there.

The winter has been very mild and workers have therefore been able to crack on, weather was always going o be a worry for the construction schedule. Is this possible though? Only construction people could tell me that,. I don't know the first thing about construction and what is possible.

It was revealed recently that we have not yet signed the contracts with Wembley for ext season, we have an agreement, but are waiting until the last possible moment before we have to commit, presumably to see how the new stadium is doing. I hear the mechanisms to change the playing surfaces works without a hitch.

It is an interesting point that the marketing department have not started selling hospitality packages at Wembley to executive members, but then we can't if we haven't officially signed a contract so there must be a reason for the delay, especially as the same hospitality packages for this season were being sold last November.

he adds weight to his theory suggesting when he talked to Spurs staff he could the news that the hierarchy use the term 'if we go to Wembley' not 'when we go to Wembley'. If that is accurate then it is a clear indication that we are trying to finish the stadium well ahead of schedule. I have never understood why building takes so long, it doesn't seem to abroad.

I doubt it will happen myself. Those claiming Daniel levy wouldn't want to miss out on agrand opening miss the point that you can have an official grand opening at any time, you simply promote the completion of a project, not really a marketing problem at all.



  1. its not the actual build that takes the time but all the internal services etc Most of build is already pre-fabbed off site

  2. Almost Zero chance of playing in new Stadium next season, far too much to get done in 7 months, safety certs would mean mid/end July completion date would be required even allowing for 2-3 away games played first. Bearing in mind the tension roof issues as well, it has to go up in one go. If anything the 'If we are at Wembley' next year is more to do with we might stay at WHL one more year! Especially as the train station upgrades are behind schedule already!

  3. what you are missing is To dare is to Do.

    And when we dare , what will the others do !

    COYS xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. lets hope and prey we are in by next season i dont fancy wembley at all



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