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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Spurs popularity worldwide


The heatmap of Internet supporters

Going Global, uses Facebook Audience Insight to determines which countries have the highest concentration of fans for each Premier League club. We are interested in Tottenham of course Croatia, Senegal, Egypt, Ireland, Ghana

Canada 86th
USA 85th
Mexico 43rd
Guatemala 35th
Honduras 29th
El Salvador 32th
Nicaragua 29th
Costa Rica 17th
Columbia 44th
Venezuela 62nd
Ecuador 51st
Peru 66th
Brazil 34th
Chile 45th
Bolivia 76th
Paraguay 59th
Argentina 76th
Uruguay 23rd
South Africa 64th
Angola 14th
Democratic Republic of Congo 49th
Tanzania 40th
Kenya 42nd
Uganda 33rd
Ethiopia 28th
Cameroon 16th
Nigeria 65th
Ghans 5th
Ivery Coast 11th
Senegal 2nd
Yemen 63rd
Sudan 31st
Saudia Arabia 78th
Egypt 3rd
Jordan 25th
Iraq 18th
Israel 37th
Libya 30th
Algeria 9th
Tunisia 8th
Morocco 7th
Australia 82nd
Indonesia 9th
South Korea 75th
Malaysia 39th
Cambodia 55th
Thailand 71st
Vietnam 70th
Myanmar 73rd
India 87th
Bangladesh 83rd
Nepal 57th
Pakistan 84th
Afghanistan 48th
Turkey 72nd
Georgia 52nd
Greece 34th
Serbia 21st
Italy 38th
Romania 10th
Ukraine 61st
Croatia 1st
Austria 26th
Poland 58th
Czech republic 77th
Hungary 53rd
Serbia 21st
Slovakia 22nd
Germany 46th
Holland 68th
Belgium 12th
France 47th
Switzerland 50th
Spain 41st
Portugal 13th
UK 6th
Ireland 4th
Denmark 27th
Sweden 74th
Norway 20th



  1. Replies
    1. So impressed that you support your contention rather than simply letting it dribble onto the page.

  2. USA supporter here, COME ON YOU SPURS!!!

  3. I don't understand this article. How can you say facebook information is accurate in any way? I'm an American supporter and I don't use facebook. You should look into television viewing statistics for Tottenham games. Not sure how difficult that would be but it would be far more accurate than dumb facebook where the predators play.

  4. Most of us cannot be bothered to allow the FB/Twitter/Google etc. surveillance teams to pin us down and pigeon hole our lives. That little map is more of an analysis of the intelligence(sic!) of those on FB than anything else

  5. 86th in Canada - wtf does this mean anyway?, you'd be doing your readers a service to dump rubbish like this where it belongs - in the bin.

  6. Croatia have provided a number of excellent players for us in recent seasons. Not the last few, obviously, but before that certainly.

  7. Ahoj ,
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