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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Spurs need midfield goalscorers


One game at a time is an old cliche but oh so true as we try to gain three points each week. With injuries we have managed to stay in contention and now with our first team all but fit we have made a step forward, exactly what we need to do is we are to secure UEFA Champions League football next season. The Premier League title may well be a step too far.

Harry Kane has been interviewed how he sees the situation at the moment.

“I think in any top team you need your striker scoring goals, and that’s what we’ve got in this league at the moment. But I think it’s important that you’ve got other players chipping in as well. 
"Dele Alli’s on 10 league goals already. If you’ve got two or three players getting 15-20 goals a season I think you’re going to be right up there. 
“You saw it with Leicester last season — they had Vardy and Mahrez's goals and assists. At the moment we’ve got me and Dele doing it, Christian popping up with goals... so it’s important the striker’s scoring goals, but I think if you’ve got two or three in double figures you’ll be in good shape. 
“I think it’s a big statement [WBA result]. We have great belief in ourselves but there’s nothing better than going out and doing it. We know we can do it but the performance against Chelsea and now West Brom is just going to give us more and more belief. 
“We’ve just got to carry on working hard and doing what we’re doing and hopefully get a good run together. It’s good at the moment but hopefully we can keep it up.

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  1. We could do with another striker that scores too.

  2. It's not about another stricker,it's about goals coming from all over the park. If Harry doesn't do it he needs to know it will come from the next line. If your holding up play , it's to let other players get beyond you. They must brake through with the belief they will score. Set plays must produce goals from our towering defenders, they must all believe if they are sent up there , they will score !



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