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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Spurs more popular than Arsenal


Fans see Spurs win 7-1 in New York
I don't create these statistics on the popularity of Tottenham Hotspur abroad and you can get yourself statistics that will show you what you want, you just have to ask the right loaded question or questions.

Recently I brought you the Going Global support picture and from that can be extracted that we are more popular in the USA than Arsenal, Liverpool, and Manchester City. It is an important market for us and thus these statistics is encouraging.

.'s Going Global report on Facebook: Spurs are more popular than Arsenal, Liverpool and Man City in the US




  1. Replies
    1. Wow, you spuds are really deluded.

    2. Not really. Spurs have had a succession of American players and that has powered the fan base. Lee and Son have had this effect in Korea and Wanayama will inevitably have the same effect in Kenya where he's deified. I am sure that Arsenal is very popular in France given that its manager and 90% of its players have been French over the last 20 years. Once American Football is being played at the ground from the 2018 season you can expect even further exponential growth of Spurs support. Of course, really Spurs should be the most popular team amongst the English - Q: how many of the top six clubs actually are English owned? A: one, Spurs. Q: how many of the big three London clubs isn't owned by a corrupt Russian oligarch? A: one, Spurs. Q: which side provides the spine of the England team, has provided more England players than any other and more England goals too? A: Spurs. Just a shame it wins so few trophies. :) But that will change.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Deluded for quoting figures published elsewhere? That shows intelligence. Almost as much as counting Santa Clau s.

    5. "and Santa Claus do exist!" ... a pity you don't learn English in your part of the world bro! Just another illiterate Gooner, now there's a surprise!

  2. whatever you want to believe. top notch journalism by the totteringham hairy butt nugget press corps.

  3. Another factor might be the San Antonio Spurs, who are one of the NBA's most successful franchises. It certainly wouldn't hurt our US profile that the name association, in a sporting context, already has a positive connotation amongst American sports fans.

  4. Tottenham are also the most 'Googled' club in the USA. As already said, we've had a number of high profile American players, plus the NFL links and the fact that we have done a few pre-seasons there in recent years has ultimately led to this. The possibility of a permanent NFL franchise coming to Tottenham will also raise our profile.

  5. Why wouldn't they be. Tottenham are the original glammer club of British football.
    It is only the introduction of modern money that has lifted Chelsea, Man City into the equation.



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