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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Speculative nonsense at the moment


The Daily Mail, as we all know, do love to invent a story and with the transfer window being quiet from a Tottenham perspective they have done as they usually do, try to create a big story surrounding one of our stars.

We had all the stories of Hugo Lloris and I seemed to be alone in insisting he was 99% certain to stay. Mauricio Pochettino recently came out and said he has never been near leaving the club at all, he wants to be here.

Then we get all the Harry Kane rubbish, despite him constantly telling the TV and media that he will be staying at Spurs for years. Now the stories are all about Dele Alli.

Clube watch players all the time, so yes, no doubt PSG and Real Madrid are watching Dele, but the Daily Mirror story doesn't come from Spain and the Spanish press who have a close relationship with Real Madrid. The club often use Spanish papers to spread stories and try to unsettle players, yet at the moment there is nothing in their press.

Clubs will enquire in the summer, that is standard practice that all clubs including ourselves undertake regularly. You can tell the story has no new information in it because the paper are trying to justify it by suggest Isco could be part of any deal because we want him.

It is all just speculative nonsense at the moment.

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  1. Lots of sites peddle transfer nonsense, even your own site has on occasion. Remember the infamous 'Isco spotted at Madrid airport' with a picture of him at said airport predating his move to Madrid (lacking tattoos etc)? Everybody reprints and regurgitates rumours, it's just a shame they gain any traction on fan sites. Better off all round if they were ignored by all.

  2. This nonsense always appears before important games...what it really means is that Chelsea are running scared!
    The bullshit that is Maureen lives on...



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