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Monday, 9 January 2017

Should Spurs make a loan move for Berahino?



Are we going to wait until the summer and snap up Saido Berahino on a free transfer, although WBA would still be due a compensation figure determined by a tribunal.

WBA have offered him a third contract so they obviously still want him to stay and still rate him, even though Tony Pulis is refusing to play him to try and force him to sign a contract. He is using the red herring of a lack of fitness as a scapegoat.

Berahino has refused to sign the previous two contracts and is refusing to sign this one, even though it would treble his wage. He is clearly furious with how the club treated him and seems prepared to wait until they sell him or he can leave for free. If he were the ptoblem character they portray him as then they wouldn't be making him contract offers.

The talent is still there, it's just been dormant for a while and if we signed him we would expect to bring it back out of him. If we are interested in him, he will certainly know about it and if we are wanting to sign him in the summer, again, he will know.

His agent ays he wants to play abroad, but that is rather unlikely, few English players go to play abroad, there is more money at home and global TV coverage.

He has experience of the Premier League and is home grown. We have seen with the likes of Roberto Soldado, Vincent Janssen and at West ham two players we were heavily linked with, Jonathan Calleri and Simone Zaza that players from abroad can struggle here.

Rangers want him on loan, Stoke City are continually after him and want WBA to name their price. Should we make a loan move? Could he do any worse than Janssen? The Dutchman isn't firing, wouldn't Berahino offer us that bit more? If we are not bringing in a striker this window then he could be a sensibkle optuon, he is on low wages so it would almost be a shot to nothing.

I have a sneeking feeling we will be in for him this summer. he could play as backup to Harry Kane, with Harry Kane or as a wide attacker so has the versatiliyty Pochettino likes. Clearly we fancied him, it depends how much faith we have in him whether we will return for him or not.



  1. Definitely would get Berahino in ... He's the right age and I'm not buying that attitude would be an issue. Pulis along with WBA's chairman have put down this marker, which to be fair I don't blame, for not being a selling club, however it has gone way too far and I think at 21 or 22 anyone can react badly to being treated in the way that Berahino has. WBA will certainly not get the £20 mill that they wanted now and it looks like they've cut their noses to spite their face. Berahino would be a great asset to have and has already played with Kane at England U21 level so for me no-brainer ...

  2. I was under the impression that in the final year of a players contract, said player could sign for another club in the January TW but had to complete his contract with his present club. Has this changed? If not the only thing stopping us from signing him would be the risk of him suffering some serious permanent injury.

  3. It would take more than a simple pre-season to get him back up and running properly again, but could be worth it nevertheless.

    Under Poch's tutelage I see him returning to his earlier form and even kicking on.

    Does Poch still want him though? Not sure, but certainly possible we're just playing it cool after the aggressive attempts earlier proved to be unsuccessful.

    I too like the idea of another young Englishman in the team. With the right mentality, as instilled by Poch, he could fit in nicely.

  4. The problem with buying any striker is ‘how much game time is the player gonna get?’
    Poch doesn’t play with two CFs, not many teams do these days.
    So, for me, the questions are, how content will Berahino be to sit on the bench and make cameo appearances or does Berahino have the talent to start in front of HK?
    Is Poch prepared to drop HK after indifferent performances (like the last two)?

    1. He played on the right fir England with Kane a centre forward so he has the ability to play as one of the three behind the striker or one of the two behind a striker if we play three at the back.

  5. 5 million now is better than nothing for WBA and would give Berahino more time to get up to speed for next season. Wasting 2 years of a short career is sad and the lad has been total missed managed. Him and Harry played togther in the under 21s and Harry can play up or behind ( that's where I like to see him ) Harry works his socks off and with Dele and him moving around they would be very hard to pick up.

  6. Your welcome to him spud heads I'd bring him myself. The lads been trouble since day one as he was released by loan clubs for his attitude. You go on about a young English man with the right mentality haha surely your kidding. I hope you sign him and he falls flat on his face cause he ain't as good as he thinks. He ain't never as good as kane and will only cause grief with his bad attitude

    1. And yet you have offered him 3 new contracts!!!

    2. There's sense in this comment, but I suspect it's nevertheless affected by how he was handled. Pulis has experience and has done the best in the circumstances, but I suspect your chairman has done so much damage that even Pulis was unable to recover the situation.

      It's not impossible that SB will prove to be without the attitude necessary to get on at Spurs, but I feel that's very unlikely. He's already shown a keenness to get involved in the project even though he understands it will involve hard work and determination. He knows, as does everyone now pretty well, what will result if he tries to show an 'attitude' under Poch.

      On the other hand, again like most people now, he understands that with the proper approach of mutual respect, he can expect to develop under Poch like nowhere else.

      I must admit that I was surprised that WBA went the whole way down this road, as discussed by Clive last year. It was never going to end well for the reasons outlined then in a number of blog posts. It hasn't. The WBA chairman has been left with copious quantities of egg on his face and SB has been exposed to all sorts of criticism and lost a lot of respect generally.

      I suspect SB can recover in the right circumstances. I'm really not so sanguine about the prospects for your chairman I'm afraid.

  7. How many beers did you drink before you wrote this?

  8. sign him now then send Janssan out on loan to get proper game time



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