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Monday, 16 January 2017

Scholes Spurs won't win the title


 Ex-Manchester United and England midfielder Paul Scholes knows what it takes to win Premier League titles, domestic Cups and European trophies.

His record can't be denied and he has doubts about the Spurs side now sitting in second place in the table. He is not sure we are mentally up to it as he hasn't seen is beat the big teams in March and April as the season closes in on its climax. He explained his view to BT Sport at the weekend.

“Tottenham are a really, really good team. I just think they have to prove that when it comes to March and April that they can win the big games. We haven’t quite seen that. 
“Is it their style of play? They do play a really quick tempo, a fast style of football – can that last until the end of the season? It didn’t last year, they just tailed off. 
“I love watching Tottenham. Great manager, great team to watch. I just don’t think that when it comes to March, April, that they’ll have the bottle to go and win the big games. If Tottenham were ever going to win the league it was last year.”

We have just beaten Chelsea and have a big game next week against Manchester City away at the Etihad, just the sort of game Scholes is talking about. Time to make a statement perhaps.

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  1. Although I don't like ManU I have always had great respect for Paul Scholes. I Know what he is asking. Do we have the professionalism to really put our complete emphasis and focus on winning the league? No parties, no late nights and a total focus on winning at all costs. Forget the designer hair cuts and the earrings, the designer clothes and the celeb dating. Can we cut out the distractions and focus on football and being the best? Only time can tell.

  2. As per the blogs previous post there are no big games in March & April (apart from maybe the last one)...the big games are now....



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