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Monday, 23 January 2017

Sandro Ramirez or Vincent Janssen?


Spurs reportedly want Sandro again

You have to wonder how much talk is simply PR and how much is actually true when you hear Mauricio Pochettino talk about Vincent Janssen. There is no denying he is struggling and that he has lost his confidence in front of goal.

He is a young 22-year-old (23 in June) yes and he has only had one season of top flight football so we have to accept that he is inexperienced. We have to look at his skill set and ask if it is good enough, Holland think so, he is their main striker.

He scores goals at international level, but the Premier League is a bit different, it's faster and more physical, something not all players can handle. It requires vision and speed of thought. You are constantly under pressure to make decisions and anticipate moves.

At the moment he seems to be being too much a team build up player and not enough of the striker getting into the box. He could be seen against Aston Villa getting exasperated that when he did make runs into the box we were passing to him. He'll get another chance against Wycombe Wanderers and fingers crossed he scores from open play.

We have to keep an eye on other options though and decide at the end of the season what to do. Sandro Ramirez is a player we have watched for a few years now. We tried to buy him when he was at Barcelona and have made offers for him during the last two transfer windows.

The Spaniard has since moved to Malaga on a free transfer where sporting director Francesc Arnau has admitted in November that Sandro had a low release clause.

"A (player like) Sandro was very difficult to convince him and bringing him here would have been virtually impossible without a low (release) clause. 
“I hope he does not go in winter, no team go crazy and that we would have to let him leave here. He understands very well that here he can grow. He feels wrapped and important and we hope to remain so. 
"He's a goalscorer and is shortlisted but after market closed I hope there are no surprises, but I also hope he remains in the crosshairs of everyone in the future because that would mean he’s done a good year here. "

That release clause is thought to be £6.89 million (€8m - AUS$11.37m - US$8.59m) at the moment and goes down to £5.17 million (€6m - AUS$8.52m - US$6.44m) in the summer. He has scored 7 goals in 17 LaLiga games this season. Other places also report his release clause at £10.34 million (€12m - AUS$17.05m - US$12.88m) so why the difference.

I believe it is because Barcelona insisted on a buy-back clause in his contract, as they and Real Madrid always try to do, not something we will entertain. It seems the lower figure is if the buy-back option remains in the contract or the higher figure if it isn't, at least that is how I have pieced the information from Spain together.

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