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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Rested players give Spurs a real chance


I have to say Victor Wanyama put in a stellar display in front of the back four last night, one of the best games he has played for us in terms of breaking up play. A snip at £11 million and an example of why we, and other clubs, look hard at players who are coming to the end of their contracts. Their value plummets and when purchased they are immediately worth more than you have paid for them.

Fortunately, we have been tieing all our players down to long-term contracts to keep their potential transfer fees high and thus ward off potential suitors who would like a bargain. Mauricio Pochettino will have indicated to Daniel Levy which players he would like tied down to new contracts and our chairman has been delivered, protecting the clubs assets.

The fact that the players are all signing shows they are happy at the club and have totally bought into what Daniel Levy and Mauricio Pochettino are trying to achieve. They want to part of something special, they want more of the important games, like last night.

Now we have virtually all the first-team available and now we have moved into third we are well placed to kick on in the second half of the season with relatively fresh players. Harry Kane has had a good rest, Toby Alderweireld has had a good rest, Erik Lamela has had a good rest, Mousa Dembele has had plenty of rest. It all augurs well.

Great Team performance and massive thank you to the fans for their support



  1. back four? it was more of a back 3 + 2 wingbacks... did you forget about dier?

  2. We need to go deep in the FA and Europa so players like Marcus Edwards GKN and Janseen need to be used in these games. What do you think of making lamela or Sonny captain of FA cup team

  3. We need someone to tell Poch that Spurs supporters just want to win the league. I accept that winning the Europa will get you back into the Champions League but do we really care about the FA Cup & Europa? Give all the second string and the promising youngsters all the game time they need and focus on winning the Premier League

    1. I doubt winning the league can be better attained than by continuing to blood the youngsters as much as possible, so continuing in the lower competitions does our chances the world of good.

      Being a lifelong Spurs supporter (well since I was four at least) I sympathise with your ambition. I simply feel that patience and a supporting mentality are prerequisites of attaining that goal.

  4. I believe it's on record that players coming back from injury are subjected to double sessions...
    So, "a good rest" maybe not all that it seems...

    1. After three or four days a young body has had all the rest it needs for physical and biological recovery. The rest being discussed here is more of a mental one. A rest from consistent and continued pressure to perform at an extraordinary level.

      That said, most on the physio's couch have another pressure, which is to get well again soon and get back in contention to play every game, as most of them love the added pressure of playing and competing at the top level. That doesn't make it easy of course ;-)



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