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Saturday, 7 January 2017

Real Madrid not interested in Dele Alli



Sky Spanish football expert Guillem Balague has suggested that Real Madrid have no interest in signing Dele Alli at this time, he simply hasn't developed enough as a footballer yet.

“What a potential Dele Alli has! 
“He is watched by everybody of course, but Real Madrid, at this point in time, have got no intention to go for him. Let’s see how he develops in the next few years.”

Our press have been trying to turn this non-story into a big thing that no doubt some gullible fans have fallen for. These stories are not aimed at Tottenham fans but the general football fans who doesn't follow Spurs and therefore doesn' know any better.

The masses don't think whether something they read might be true or not thy simply believe it if it is in a paper. It doesn't take much to realise there was nothing in the stories.


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