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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Real Madrid don't want another Modric


That Dele Alli goal vs Crystal Palace

As I reported earlier the Dele Alli to Madrid stories emanate from the British press rather than the Spanish press. It is the British press who say Real Madrid will make a summer move and they have also thrown PSG at the story.

French football is somewhat of a step down, it is a one team league so rather pointless. While the Spanish press report what the English press say, they also add that they do not want another Luka Modric or Gareth Bale type situation that in the eyes of supporters at least soured the relations between the two clubs.

They also report that Tottenham are not considering selling Dele Alli and will not entertain any talks.They say that unless Dele Alli asks to leave, something that today is unlikely, nothing will happen.

Of course we all know Real Madrid use the media to unsettle players but Dele Alli seems very settled at Tottenham and it is too early in his career to sit on a bench at Real Madrid.

Our press are throwing £50 million at the story, however, the CIES Football Observatory, who are historically accurate on transfer values, have Dele Alli as the 9th most expensive player in Europe on £97.28 million (€110.5m - AUS$156.76m - US$117.15m).

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