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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Premier League transfer policy analysis by club


Tottenham Hotspur spend 78.3% of the time when involved in incoming transfer dealings.4.3% are free transfers, we do not bring in loan players and 17.3% come from the academy. The table below show how the rest of the Premier League go about their business.

There is a tendency for the clubs who spend the most in the transfer market to recruit young players with a high potential to increase in value and for lesser performing clubs to spend on older players.

We can see from the image below that Tottenham have a transfer policy that targets the  recruit of the younger players than any other club in the Premier League. That would tie in with having less resources than other clubs and also looking to make the greatest gains in player appreciation.

While the figures show we have a youth policy, they clearly show we are not alone in that with 4 Premier League clubs in the Top 10, 4 German clubs, 1 Spanish and 1 French. The Italians clearly prefer to buy older players.

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