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Monday, 9 January 2017

Pochettino youngster is a top top player


“Yes, I have put on about 5kgs. Either that or I have been wearing smaller tops! But I have made a point of going to the gym.”

Those were the words of Tottenham's 20-year-old (21 in February) rising midfield star, a player Mauricio Pochettino shows great faith in. Our Argentinian manager brought him on for Mousa Dembele against league leaders Chelsea in out last game.

Danny Murphy in commentary for the BBC said he thought Winks looked a top top player in the making. he was comfortable on the ball and was a quality passer. His rise is similar to that of Nabil Bentaleb, who then got too big for his boots and mentally lost it.

Spurs will be hoping he doesn't go the same way, although I have to say that looks highly unlikely. He seems to have his feet firmly on the ground and appreciates he is still learning his craft. You'll remember earlier this season he was thanking and praising the coaching staff after he had scored his debut goal. he knew then he still had a lot to learn.

He is a youngster who acknowledges he is learning from the senior players and has had to bulk up for the physical demands of the Premier League. Some of his turns were right out of the Scott Parker school of football, or as I mentioned in a previous article, with a strong hint of the Steve Perryman about him. Winks got a lot of advice from Parker and still talks to him now.

When he talks about his initial training with the first team squad you understand that there is still the awe factor to overcome, which hinders improvement. Stepping onto the same pitch as your idols is still a big thing and cameo appearances help break down those barriers in a players mind.

"The first year or so when I got in it was a bit like 'wow, I am here. "It was a bit strange - 'I am training with (Christian) Eriksen, (Jan) Vertonghen, (Mousa) Dembele, I am with them on match day in the changing room, sitting next to them'. 
"It is important not to get arrogant about it. It is important to stay level-headed. They don't want someone coming in being an a***hole. 
"They would bring you down a peg if they thought that was happening. But that's not my personality. I am not an arrogant guy. I would never do that."



  1. I don't like the headline, it implies that Winks was a Pochettino signing but he isn't.
    Winks has earned his right to play.

    1. Not sure. I understood it to mean a youngster in Poch's squad whom he is supportive of. We have many Pochettino youngsters as far as I'm concerned.

      Winks has certainly earned his right to play. I find it hard to believe how comfortable I was when Dembele was taken off and replaced by HW. Dembele, who is someone who makes the whole side tick, without whom we regularly struggle. I still prefer to have the Moose on the pitch, but there's no longer a chasm of class between him and replacement.



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