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Friday, 27 January 2017

Pochettino - we mustn't listen to fans


Pochettino - we mustn't listen to fans

I am always amused when I go on forums and see fans demanding we should sign such and such a player because let's face it, no fan ever see enough of a player to make an informed choice. I have only felt strongly about four players in the time I have been writing this, one being Eric Dier.

A fan doesn't look at the style of play, generally they ignore off the ball movement, which in fact is a far greater aspect than on the ball performance and mentality just about forgotten about. They dismiss the two crucial areas.

Mauricio Pochettino says he can not listen to fans over transfers, quite rightly, they have to fit our transfer strategy and his playing strategy, not change it as is so often the case with suggestions.

"No. We cannot listen. Every fan, every person can have their opinion. In that moment, it’s 80,000 managers, 80,000 chairmen, 80,000 sports scientists. 
"I think we have a plan, we have a strong squad, enough to compete in the next four months. If we find a player that can improve us, OK. 
"But if we believe, because one thing is to believe, and another is if a player is real or not that can improve us. Today we have a strong squad and we don’t need another. 
"No new players before Tuesday. We are not thinking about signing players. I told you that if a special player became available but this hasn't happened yet. 
"For me it's not impossible, but one percent someone can arrive in the last moment. I don't think we will sign another player."

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1 comment:

  1. Recent injuries aside, I see no reason to panic-buy more players in this window. We already have a good strong squad and are performing well on the pitch regularly.

    The Summer window is a good time for making adjustments, when there is time to prepare them properly and bring them into the setup carefully. Any new purchase now would be unlikely to start making a positive impact until next season anyway.

    We're doing very well as we are thank you very much. COYS!!



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