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Friday, 27 January 2017

Pochettino wants to know if Eriksen has the drive to become great

Does Christian Eriksen have it in him to take his game to the next level?

Mauricio Pochettino believes every player needs to keep improving report the Daily Mail, well doesn't every coach! I certainly do and regularly write as much, it is what separates the good from the great and we want the great at Tottenham, even if we have to make them ourselves.

Gareth Bale, Cristiano Ronaldo didn't become the players hey are because they were content with a high level of performance, they wanted to keep improving and ge better and better. Players stagnate because they don't have that winning mentality that separated some from others. As a winner you do not train or play for fun, as a winner you do not play any sport for fun, you don't play a card game for fun. You'll enjoy it yes, but you'll play to win, every time.

It is either in you or it isn't, it is very hard to instill it because you have to change an inner belief. If it is here hen it can certainly be brought out and enhanced, played on to drive someone forward. Responsibility can do that so driving Christian Eriksen to become even more creative, to play him off against the creation of Dele Alli and for the two to complement each other to enhance each individual is certainly one tactic.

What separates Mauricio Pochettino from many other coaches is that he wants to improve players, change their mentality, show them how winners behave, act, play, think. Some managers just put the components of a team together and play a system, some do that and develop players.

"I think the whole team has improved in the last two years but we still need to improve a lot. He has showed very good performances in the last few months and we are very happy. 
"But it is true, always in football it is never enough and he can improve. I think he is one of the best creative players in the Premier League but that doesn't mean he cannot achieve a better level. 
"We are here to push him to improve every day and achieve a different level."

Mauricio Pochettino and Spurs are an ideal match, his vision is our vision.

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  1. He's too inconsistent suffers from sloppiness and for all his efforts and improvement is still defensively weak. He's great ability and can be brilliant, passing, crossing, striking, supporting, being inventive and making space with quick feet. I've always liked him as a player but he wouldn't get a position on my team from a fully fit squad. I wouldn't feel he can be relied upon to perform well enough on a consistent basis. It's long been his main problem and that hasn't changed this season. Unfortunately for him he lacks real pace and speed. He's best and quickest with close control and very quick feet. He works hard tries and supports attacks well too. He must work his socks off every game to have a chance of remaining in the team. If he does that he has a chance? On top of that he must do what he is on the field to do or try to do. If not there are other options that would serve the team better. This is a very strong squad to select from and Eriksen too often doesn't do enough for the team to warrant selected on the first eleven on a regular basis. In my opinion, he would be on the bench though as a useful option to have available.

    This second half of the season will likely find him selected regularly and I hope he can demonstrate that he can produce and perform well on a consistent basis.

    From my perspective, when Eriksen plays well Tottenham are likely to win matches. When he plays poorly Tottenham are too likely to lose. There lies the crux of my argument. There must and should be a player who can do what Eriksen is in a team to do and who can play that particular role well and who can strongly challenge him. That should be a top scouting target though I expect N'Koudou or Onomah may break through to do just that in any event by offering something different but as effective.



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