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Friday, 20 January 2017

Pochettino wants Spurs to show their mentality


The demise last season had nothing to do with fitness or tiredness, it was totally a mental thing. We simply didn't handle the pressure, as the Chelsea game showed and then we simply gave up trying which was jjust, so out of order. Not something I ever want to see again from a Spurs side.

Have we learned from last year? It is far too early to say as the pressure is not yet on, we are still in positioning mode for the final straight. We do tend to stumble when we have an opportunity to close a gap so the Chelsea result was a good one. Now we have to follow it up though away from home.

"We have to try to show that we can be real contenders for the Premier League, that's the real challenge. It's more important that we can show ourselves, rather than show Manchester City. 
"We need to show ourselves we are capable of dealing with that pressure, and to try to win games to achieve big things. I think it's not important today the gap that we can take (this weekend). 
"The most important thing will be our performance - to show that we have improved a lot and learned from last season. 
"It will be a very tough game, I think when you play against a team like Manchester City you must always give your best. To try to get the three points, that's our challenge. 
"But it's too early to talk about decisive games, or decisive points. There are a lot of big things ahead."

In a nutshell, he is saying the players have to believe they can win trophies, win these big games away from home and then we can. The belief comes first, then you have to go out and do it, which in turn feeds the belief.

It is the opposite cycle that Roberto Soldado was on, Erik Lamela is now perhaps back on and that Vincent Janssen may be on. Just as a lack of confidence eats away at your ability to perform at your best, so belief can grow to ensure you can.


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