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Monday, 30 January 2017

Pochettino to analyse, assess and move on

Rotation is a must in modern football, it nearly went wrong against Wycombe

There are the two types of fans, those who believe a player needs a string of games to be given a chance or those of us who believe your chance is in training every day and you must produce the goods whenever you step on the pitch.

The first is the easy way out, the second is the winners route. Yes there will be a bit of both for young players, but the mentality, both individually and as a club, should be that you are expected to produce whenever you are selected. Anything less is second best and to be winners we can not accept second best.

It is never easy making so many changes but that is also a chance to stand out. However weaknesses around you can make you look weak as you can't rely on your teammates. Harry Winks made his mark again, Josh Onomah didn't. I wonder whether Moussa Sissoko is a temporary wide man until we can find someone else.

Players like N'Koudou, Onomah, Carter-Vickers might be in the first team squad, but they are not yet first team standard, they are developing players who are going to make mistakes as they progress. 

Tottenham managers have to raise their performance to match that which Daniel Levy's demands. We have that in Mauricio Pochettino. Now he demands a level of the players and it is up to them to raise themselves to that must deliver standard. You do not drop your demands to accept less than the best because that is the mentality you need to win trophies regularly, which is our goal.

The building process is ongoing, just because you buy a player doesn't mean you have solved a problem area, it merely means you might have done and tile will tell. I go back to the mentality series I wrote a few years ago suggesting we use sports psychologists to assess the mentality of potential purchases. 

Certainly we now place a higher regard on that than we did but you never truly know how someone is going to react when moving from a smaller club to a bigger club with the increased competition and performance demands that brings.

The bottom line is we are in the next round, analyse, assess and move on.

"We will see. It's not clear. The first half was very difficult. We need to assess why, and to analyse. 
"If you play against Wycombe, a League Two club, it is true that is difficult because of their motivation and their excitement is massive. 
"But I think we need to stop a little bit and say, 'why not play one or another'? When you play Tottenham, you play Tottenham, and when you sign a player for your squad you need to be available to play and of enough quality to play in this type of game. 
"You need, and we need the fans need to understand, that we cannot always play the same team, the same 11 players, because they are not machines. They are human."


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  1. It's MOST important that the manager understands. We now have one that clearly does.




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