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Monday, 16 January 2017

Pochettino the ruthless and clinical coach


"When you sign a contract as a player, you need to understand that you don't sign o play, you sign to train. Then you wait for the decision of the manager to pick the players. This is football."

That explanation from Mauricio Pochettino should put to bed the theory that players have to be given games in the first-team to have been given a chance. You have a chance every day in training to demonstrate that you should be picked and when you are you have to be in peak condition physically and mentally to provide your best football and have an impact of the game.

Nobody has a divine right to play, hey have to prove it on the training ground. Those players who rebel against this aren't going to stay at the club very long. We have seen several players leave after a bust-up, Adebayor, Kaboul, Lennon, Capoue, Townsend.

He isn't a manager to cross, there is his way or no way. The players have to buy into how he wants to do things and do them, whether you agree with them or not. He comes across as a very nice guy, but there is that ruthless streak there.

I think perhaps some of our fans are starting to understand the no excuses policy, that if we lose it is down to us to do something better, not the fault of someone else. The players have that responsibility on the pitch, a wayward pass or failure to make a run will more often be seen now with a player raising his hand in apology to his teammate or teammates.

Were remonstrate with a referee far less, we have players sitting on the ground in protest far less, we have far less players feigning injury. If you remember Roberto Soldado he used to stay on he floor when he perceived he had been found even when the referee played on.

Back to my Kaizen approach, you improve tiny aspects in every player and that adds up to a greater improvement in the team as a whole and we are seeing the benefits of that approach now.

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