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Monday, 9 January 2017

Pochettino loses patience with Janssen


Was the most significant moment of an uninspiring 2-0 win against Aston Villa in the FA Cup, when Mauricio Pochettino demonstrated he had perhaps lost faith with Vincent Janssen?

With the tie at 0-0 he took Janssen off, our lone striker, who, let's face it, didn't ever look like scoring. There were times when he was making the runs and the ball was simply not played through to him or the cross was played behind him. As a striker he was making runs into the six-yard box, but the ball kept being pulled back and he could be seen throwing his arms in frustration.

In the last game we were 4-0 up and he could have been given half an hour in that game but was given only fifteen minutes. Put the two together and it is a rather damning assessment of a player that looked as though he could make it at premier League level.

Now he looks out of his depth, fine with his back to goal, bit offering nothing facing it. Like Roberto Soldado, his confidence is shot to pieces, he is hiding and not getting any chances. There doesn't look to be much hope at the moment, but then a fluke goal and his confidence could start to return, football is a funny game.

Right now there are an awful lot of question marks against him. He cut a sorry figure trudging off the field.



  1. I don't think Poch has lost patience with Janssen, he just decided to change the formation when he brought Dele Alli on. Son has played up-front before as a 'false 9' and is a much more fluid player than Janssen and with more experience of playing with Dele Alli. I agree that Janssen did look very downhearted when he was subbed and is clearly struggling. Nevertheless he is still young and hopefully with a full off-season training program under his belt this Summer he will come good next season.

  2. his touch is just too heavy. It happened atleast 3 times the ball run away from him when he touches and he tried to tackle hard to win it back. and he couldnt get pass anyone when he is back to goal. At least Kane can or tried and draw a foul etc.

  3. I think the lad just needs to gain some confidence and game time, best thing would be for spurs to loan him out till the end of the season to a championship club who are fighting to get into the top six

  4. Yay I agree with the loaning out. He needs to acclimatise quick

  5. He isn't good enough. His technique is poor, he is slow and to compound that his confidence is shot and he isn't making the clever runs any more. He looked like he had that instinct to be in the right place at the right time but that intuition only comes when the confidence is flowing. Without confidence you have to rely on technique and he has been found out. We need to ship him out on loan and buy a replacement. If he spends a season and a half scoring 10+ goals in a top tier European league we may recoup some of the value.

  6. Really impressed with the way we defended throughout the game albeit Gabi ‘what ’is name’ wasn’t exactly a tough cookie to digest…
    Whatever one says about Sissoko he has awareness of what’s happening around him…
    Interesting stat…
    Sissoko 4 assists during 787 mins. played = one every 197 mins.
    Eriksen 8 assists during 2180 mins. played = one every 272 mins.
    I really would like Janssen to succeed but, and it’s a big but, there has to be a sea change in the way he approaches the game. I’ve seen HK & Soldado play similar games on numerous occasions; coming back to get the ball, pulling wide, facing the wrong way, lack of control etc. HK get’s away with it cos he scores goals. So, it’s time to get selfish, stop gravitating towards the ball carrier, move away and find some space preferably in and around the box and so put the pressure on the other guys to find you!
    p.s. N’Koudou’s fast ain’t he…

  7. lets loan him to west ham that could take them down



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