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Monday, 16 January 2017

Pochettino has changed youth development at Tottenham


The changing face of youth development at Tottenham Hotspur can be seen by the number of loans deals now made.

Mauricio Pochettino has told the press that young players can be developed better at Tottenham and can learn the way Tottenham want them to play best by staying and being coached at Hotspur Way.

That stems from a belief that his coaching is better for these youngsters than others, which it is. Tottenham players have to have immense fitness levels. They get worked hard and a player has to become used to that when they sign. Several players we have signed have had to get 'Tottenham fit' so retaining youngsters at the club means they grow up with our fitness levels.

They also learn a system inside out, they learn feet positioning they learn that a foot or a change of angle can cut off a passing lane and learn the roles of their teammates. Passing and movement of key to our game, the more you can drill into a player how to see what opportunities there are on a football pitch the better.

Our play is like moving a whole series of cogs. It isn't good enough to see one cog, one pass, you have to know the whole series so you can instigate a passing sequence, take part in a passing sequence or anticipate a passing sequence is going to take place.

harry Winks and Josh Onomah have never been loaned out by Pochettino, hey have been retained at the club and we can see that Harry Winks is getting regular game time and is trusted by Pochettino because of the work he has been able to put in with him on the training field. The academy staff love the Argentinian because he works with and gives youth a chance.

He is what a youth coach dreams of and we fans are glad we have him.


Vincent Janssen
Daniel Levy
Marcus Edwards



  1. quality post - far better to use the talent we already have than keep buying players.weve spent a fortune on training facility -USE IT !!!

  2. The facilities are only one aspect of what goes into training the youth well. Clearly important, but how they're trained is more so. With Pochettino we seem to be getting it all right on that score ATM.

    How many ex-Spurs players do we see as the leading players in other teams around the Premiership?




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