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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Pochettino explains the Barcelona trip

Pochettino explains Spurs Barcelona break

Mauricio Pochettino has explained why Tottenham have gone on a short break to Barcelona to train and confirmed that it aids the team spirit which is so so important.

“It’s good to change routine, to stay together in a nice city and to share time as a group.We’ve played so many matches so far and it’s the same – a lot of training, the same routine. 
“Of course we are training here, we are not on holiday but they have time to be together as a group, they can do activities here together. In London it’s very difficult because everyone lives in different places and it’s not easy to stay for three or four days between matches. 
“We want to be better as a group and as a team.”

Even a 4-day break, they came back on the Wednesday last year also, gives you a boost, a refreshed feeling and being able to socialise for a few days together keeps and builds the bonds. It has been rather cold here on the south coast so an ideal time to get away to a warmer climate.

What group of youngsters don't like to relax and have a bit of fun on holiday, footballers are no different. It may not be a holiday for them but it is the nearest they will get mid-season and if you look at the videos you see the shadows the sunshine is creating. That alone puts you in a better frame of mind.

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  1. A quick recharge of the batteries and then really push on for the premier league title... COYS



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