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Saturday, 7 January 2017

Players can't think like fans



Belgian midfielder Mousa Dembele has had to change his own mentality at Spurs and stop just going through the motions. Mauricio Pochettino left him on the subs bench for a season because his mentality wasn't right. At the end of that season Dembele admitted his not playing was down to him, which showed the seeds of a winning mentality, improve your game every day, the rest will follow.

it is the same process that the whole squad have had to go through. belief is paramount in sport. If you don't believe you can achieve something, you can't. Leicester City showed that if you believe something is possible, it is. When you go into games against the league leaders that same belief has to be present. Players can't think how many fans think, they would never achieve anything if they did.

“It is not the first time we have played well against Chelsea. But this time when we went in front we did not panic, we kept playing and we wanted to score the second. 
“That was very important and the difference between this and the previous times we played them. When we went in front in those games we tried to change the way we were playing, we wanted to battle. 
“But this time we kept to our game and we played more liked adults. Yes we played like adults. We were very relaxed. 
“I know with the quality we have we can achieve whatever we want to. Last year we showed we are moving towards to doing something. This year...who knows? Anything is possible.”


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  1. The importance of mentality cannot be overstated in any sport.



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