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Friday, 6 January 2017

Mark Lawrenson spot on with Spurs points tally


How is former Liverpool player Mark Lawrenson getting on with his weekly predictions? He was certainly conned by Leicester City's one off last season.

He still doesn't seem to have grasped Chelsea only had a bad season last season because they no longer wanted to play for their manager, no doubt as a result of his treatment of the former club doctor, Eva Carneiro, who now works at a specialist clinic in her homeland of Gibraltar.

Mark Lawrenson Premier League Table

1. Liverpool P20 GD32 PTS50
2. Man Utd  P20 GD23 PTS49
3. Arsenal    P20 GD29 PTS48
4. Man City P20 GD28 PTS46
5. Chelsea   P20 GD24 PTS45
6. SPURS   P20 GD18 PTS42
7. Leicester P20 GD15 PTS42

Actual Premier League Table

1. Chelsea    P20 GD27 PTS49
2. Liverpool P20 GD26 PTS46
3. SPURS    P20 GD25 PTS42
4. Man City P20 GD19 PTS42
5. Arsenal    P20 GD22 PTS41
6. Man Utd  P20 GD12 PTS39
7. Everton    P20 GD3   PTS30

He has our points tally right at this stage but has over estimated the points gained by others.



  1. Liverpool actually have 44 points, not 46

  2. Good point by Anonymous there.

    Interesting and fair that Clive points out that ML has the points tally right at least. TBH that's quite impressive - even if he overestimated many of the others around.



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