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Saturday, 21 January 2017

Lloris save 17% more shots than Bravo


The stats above would suggest Hugo Lloris is going to be busy and statistics show that the more shots you have the more goals you score, percentage wise. They also show that the closer you have those shots the more likelihood there is of a goal.

manchester City have scored 41 goals, we have scored 43 and yet we take a lot of shots from outside the box, more than most. The game against City may be an opportunity for a goal from distance for us because 14 of the last 22 shots that Bravo has faced have gone in.

If you were Pochettino, would you be telling Dele Alli, Harry Kane and Christian Eriksen to pepper him with shots on Saturday?

You only have to look at the statistic above to know there is a difference in ability between the two keepers on Saturday, in the Premier League arena at least.

Former Manchester United keeper Fabien Barhtez was unsure Lloris would be able to handle the Premier league, not being the type of keeper who has total command of his penalty area in the way Barthez did with total commitment. We see Lloris come for balls and not get there still.

Timing and anticipation are required to rise above the pack and Lloris has those skills in abundance. he may be a quiet man, but there is a steely determination about Lloris I find and he managed the mental side well. His concentration is excellent and that allied with his anticipation and reactions allows him to be in the right place at the right time.

That makes the actual saving a touch easier. It is those small elements that add up to make a diference in any player.

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